High accuracy and Integrity localization of the vehicles is an enabling factor for the development of assisted, connected and autonomous driving systems from an ITS perspective
The vehicle shall be capable of calculating, with accuracy and integrity, its absolute position and its relative distance to objects or other road users

Satellite systems are the reference solution for localization services in the automotive sector. However, to obtain an accurate estimate of the vehicle’s position in the different operational scenarios, we need to implement “data fusion” processes with on-board sensors andaugmentation services for satellite data corrections

The growing complexity of the localization module, in terms of interfaces and heterogeneity of input data, we have to consider different levels of security versus cyber attacks to ensure integrity and secrecy of information in intra/inter vehicular communications



Development of an innovative vehicle ECU to increase accuracy and integrity of vehicle positioning ensuring high security standards according to ISO/SAE DIS 21434

Integration of the control unit in a real automotive context on the new Fiat Ducato from Stellantis

 Field test of the CU against external attacks by means of Drivesec WESETH remote validation platform

GNSS Augmentation Module

Advanced localization algorithms based on ARAIM- FDE techniques from multi-constellation and multi- frequency satellite systems in multi-sensor approach with on-board sensors (e.g. inertial sensors).

Crypto Engine

Cryptographic module with innovative features

based on a HW accelerator of asymmetric elliptic curve encryption algorithms and intrusion detectionfunctions

Crypto Engine

A remote Engineering platform focused on cybersecurity feature testing

Penetration Test by WESETH
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