Certcon 11 – The New Global Challenges in Cyber Security

DAL 13 OTTOBRE 2021 AL 14 OTTOBRE 2021

Certcon 11 – The New Global Challenges in Cyber Security

DATA EVENTO: dal 13 Ottobre 2021 al 14 Ottobre 2021


ORA FINE: 17:00

SPEAKERS: Mr. Dan Cîmpean, DNSC General Director Mr. Shane Dixon, Acting Deputy Chief of Mission, The Embassy of the United States of America in Romania Mr. Jakub Boratynski, Head of Unit “Trust and Security”, European Commission Mr. Yigal Unna, General Director, Israel National Cyber Directorate Mr. Matteo Lucchetti, Director at CYBER 4.0, National Cyber Security Competence Center Mr. Marco Barros Lourenco, Technology Strategist and a Cybersecurity Policy Researcher, ENISA Mr. Anton Rog, Director, National Cyberint Centre Romania Mr. Miguel Gonzalez-Sancho, Head of Unit, “Cybersecurity Technology and Capacity Building”, Directorate General Communications Networks, Content and Technology Mr. Luigi Rebuffi, Secretary General, European Cyber Security Organisation Mr. Dan Cîmpean, DNSC General Director and member of the ECCC Governing Board Mr. Radu Stănescu, member of the ECCC Governing Board Ms. Gabi Dreo, Executive Director of the research institute CODE, Cyber security Competence for Research and Innovation Mr. Cristian Pațachia, Development and Innovation Manager, Orange Prof. Roberto Baldoni, Director, National Cybersecurity Agency of Italy Mr. Miguel de Bruycker, Director, Belgian Centre for Cyber Security Mr. Robert Kosla, Lt.Col. (Ret.), Director of the Department of Cybersecurity – The Chancellery of the Prime Minister Mr. Leonardo de Vizio, Cybersecurity Policy Officer, Directorate General Communications Networks, Content and Technology, European Commission Mr. Massimo Felici, Security Manager, Accenture Mr. Philipp Amann, Head of Unit European Cyber Crime Centre, Europol Mr. Marcu Ionuț, Chief Prosecutor Cybercrime, DIICOT Mr. Virgil Spiridon, Head of Operations, Cybercrime Programme Office (C-PROC) Council of Europe Mr. Cătălin Zetu, Head of Bureau of Investigation of Crimes Against Information Systems within the Romanian Police Mr. Mădălin Vasile, System Engineering Manager, Fortinet Mr. Piotr Glaska, Senior Solution Architect, Infoblox Mr. Tudor Cristea, Regional Sales Manager, Palo Alto Networks Mr. Ovidiu Neghină, Cybersecurity Sales Specialist, CISCO Mr. Patrick Palm, Head of Frameworks at Product Security, Ericsson Mr. Dan Demeter, Security Researcher, Kaspersky Mr. Radu Stănescu, Senior Information Security Consultant, Sandline Mr. Pierre Gronlier, Chief Technology Officer, GAIA-X Mr. Cristian Săndescu, Chief Executive Officer, CODA Intelligence Mr. Adrian Victor Vevera, General Director, National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics Mr. Vladimir Ester, CTO, CLUSTERPOWER Mr. Eugen Rusen, Cloud Solution Architect Security & Compliance at Microsoft CEE Mr. Alessandro Lazari, Senior Key Account Manager, F24 Ms. Alina Bârgăoanu, Professor, Dean of the College of Communication and Public Relations, National University of Political Studies and Public Administration Ms. Oana Popescu Zamfir, Director, GlobalFocus Center Mr. Răzvan Bologa, Professor, Computer Science Department, Bucharest University of Economic Studies Mr. Sebastian Dan Naste, Privacy and Data Protection Analyst, Cullen International Mr. Bogdan Mureșan, US Embassy Mr. Simona Hoancă, Business Development Executive, Vector Synergy Mr. Carl Taylor, Chief Security Officer, University of Kansas Ms. Julie Fugett, Chief Information Technology Security Officer for the University of Kansas, USA Mr. Aleksei Filippov, Head of Development, Ericsson Mr. Adrian Badea, Cybersecurity Business Development Manager, S&T Mr. Marinel Stanilă, Information Security Advisory Manager, Safetech Mr. Pavel Prodaniuc, Managing Partner at Cyber Dacians Mr. Ioan Costantin, Cyber Security Expert, Orange Mr. Mihai Sari, Sales Engineer, Trend Micro Mr. Valentin Necoară, Chief Technology Officer, certSIGN Mr. Samuel Fricker, Professor at University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland FHNW Mr. Bogdan Botezatu, Director of Threat Research and Reporting, Bitdefender Mr. Lucian Nitescu, Senior IT Security Specialist Bit Sentinel Mr. Ștefan Tănase, Cybersecurity Incidents operator, DNSC Mr. Dan Cîmpean, DNSC General Director

TARGET: Cyber4.0

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