CYBER 4,0, the national Competence Center on Cybersecurity promoted by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, has joined the Stakeholder Community of the EU CyberNet Project, as first Competence Center and first representative from Italy.

EU CyberNet, launched in 2019, is an initiative funded by the European Commission with the goal to strengthen EU’s capacity to provide technical assistance to third countries in the field of cybersecurity and cybercrime.

The Stakeholder Community members participate in the discussion fora of different cyber disciplines, contribute with experts to future or ongoing projects, and also participate in identifying the needs, gaps and risks of partner countries. The community members support the implementation of the project by sharing information with their peers in the community and bringing together first-line cybersecurity practitioners, field experts and trainers. 

CYBER 4.0 already joined forces with EU CyberNet on the occasion of recent activities in Dominican Republic, developed in the context of the establishment of LAC4, the Latin America and the Caribbean Cyber Competence Centre.